Gambling treatment for families

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Sports betting starts out as fun.

The anticipation of the big game. The thrill of challenging the odds. The fantasies of the big payout. All of these excite the pleasure center of the brain, triggering feelings of euphoria and power.

But for those experiencing gambling addiction, the fun is overtaken by a cycle of chasing losses. As each loss triggers a desire to win back the money that’s already been gambled away, the gambler risks more and more, and the cycle tightens its grip. 

Untreated gambling addiction results in catastrophic consequences both financial and emotional.

Addicts are torn between their compulsion to gamble and wanting to solve the problems their gambling causes.  This struggle can feel overwhelming. 

The worse the situation is, the more the gambler creates financial ruin for themselves and those closest to them. Annual financial losses to American families because of sports betting are in the billions of dollars. The human toll is incalculable.


Problem gamblers do not need to face their addiction alone.

The lies and deception inherent in problem gambling are devastating for families. Yet without their key support and the clear guidance of an experienced team who can mediate family work, successful recovery from this disorder is rare.

The best way to motivate lasting change is through both family involvement and individualized gambling treatment. Our approach is not one size fits all. It is uniquely tailored to the individual and the loved ones affected by the addiction.

Our treatment program

We combine clinical expertise in gambling addiction counseling with knowledge of the sports betting industry. Working with both problem gamblers and their loved ones, it is our mission to help find a path out of the sports betting cycle.

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